FilesAnywhere is a product of Officeware Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Immediatek. FilesAnywhere provides cloud-based backup, document collaboration and other web-based file services for individuals, businesses and organizations. is primarily designed for individuals and small businesses, allowing them to establish a self-service account, and enabling them to, among other things, store files on FilesAnywhere servers, share and collaborate on documents with other people online, and backup their computers to FilesAnywhere cloud storage.

The Private Site, Dedicated Server, and Enterprise Server products provide flexible cloud storage and scalability for users, groups and internet applications, along with client-specific branding, web interfaces, data interfaces, and tailored security for mixed corporate environments.

Officeware also provides specialized information technology services related to the development of web based databases and data storage on a contract basis for clients.

FilesAnywhere Sales and Support: available 9am-9pm Weekdays, Eastern Time

1 (855) SYNC-NOW Toll-free in the USA

1 (469) 200-0089 International Customers